The Confession of a Justified Viewer

I have a confession, Gentle Reader, and I hesitate to state it so publicly, so early, on this fashion blog.  But I will, because it’s an important confession, based on a decision several years in the making:

I have given up on Project Runway.

I didn’t mean to.  I didn’t want to.  But for PR to go from its very engaging and talented beginnings–Jay, Leanne, the cornhusk dress–to its rather unremarkable “stories are more important than talent” and “what sells is more important than new and innovative fashion”–has driven me away.

I am a fan of reality shows that ask contestants to do things, to prove their talents.  Top Chef, Project Runway, even, to no small extent, The Joe Schmo Show (proving their acting skills again and again), I watch them all.  Cooking shows, sewing shows, fashion or design shows, even if I don’t watch them, I appreciate them.  No one is grubbing for money or spreading germs through saliva to find a flash in the pan relationship.  American Ninja Warrior demonstrates skill at a very real level, as did Project Runway.

Key, the past tense here.  Did.

I did not care for Irina, but found Seth Aaron to be charming and talented.  After that, with the parade of winners such as Gretchen and Anya, I found myself caring less and less.  Dresses that would have been torn apart when the show was still on Bravo were now being praised.  The show went from celebrating fashion to celebrating wearability–not that I’m saying fashion shouldn’t be wearable.  But if you look at the first winner of the first show of the first episode of PR, the cornhusk dress, it won because it was innovative.  Good fashion is wearable and innovative.  Nothing the past several seasons, with perhaps the exception of Mondo, could say the same.

So I’m done with a show I have followed religiously since 2006 (I came a bit late to the PR game), and it saddens me; there is no show to fill the void it’s leaving.  But it is a necessary breakup.

Just, in true breakup fashion, it may just require some Ben and Jerry’s Cannoli ice cream and a few viewings of Pitch Perfect to get over.


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2 thoughts on “The Confession of a Justified Viewer”

  1. I can’t quit it yet, although it has become one of the most unsatisfying relationships I have ever had with a show. It is such a pale comparison to the days of Jay and Leanne and even Santino.

    1. I know. It’s been downhill for so long I can’t even bother. However, I did just get a dual subscription to Allure and Glamour today, for my fashion fix.

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