My New DC Kicks!

Oh, Gentle Reader, I love it when my Nerd-dom meets my Other Nerd-dom, otherwise known as

The Day I Bought ALL The DC Converse And My Nerd World And Fashion World Collided.

It’s true, terribly true.  I now own Catwoman and Harley Quinn Converse, and have the Poison Ivy and Wonder Woman low-tops on order (sales! glorious, glorious sales! and free shipping! did I mention sales!).  I don’t think I’ve owned this many pairs of Converse at once since the 1980s.  But how can one resist the eternal cuteness and squee?

The Harley Quinn Converse


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2 thoughts on “My New DC Kicks!”

  1. I knew you liked comic books but did not know that your dog’s name Harley Quinn was a comic book character. Nor did I know that such shoes existed.

  2. She is! We had her name before we even had her. We knew we wanted a dog that matched Harley Quinn’s kick-ass spirit. Also, as DH looks remarkably like Kevin Smith, and as Kevin Smith’s daughter is ALSO named after HQ, it seemed remarkably appropriate 🙂

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