The Annie Hall Conundrum

I am not a fan of Woody Allen, Gentle Reader, but DH finds Annie Hall to be a spectacular movie for some reason or another.  I have not seen it.  Yes, yes, I know.  It is Not Wise to judge a movie solely based on one’s dislike of its director, but really, life is awfully short.  Those are my excuses.  Yet, I have found that so many men in their thirties I know have the wickedest crush on Annie Hall.

I am on A Quest in 2013, Friends, to live a better life.  A happier life.  A stronger, greater life.  I have set dozens of goals for my self, some big (this blog, writing, mental and physical health) and some small (clean out my hoarder closet of toiletry samples).  But my favorite two thus far have been

1) Wearing fun makeup and playing with beauty every day, and

2) Wearing everything I own before 2014.

These are difficult tasks, you understand, as I tend to be, despite my fashionable knowledge and love and yes, even doctoral degree, rather wash and go.  The benefits of having naturally curly hair, I think, is a natural tendency to shampoo, condition, scrunch, and leave.  This grows increasingly harder in the Midwest, as it is Very Very Cold right now, and leaving the house with wet hair is not the wisest choice I’ve made this week.

As for clothes, I tend to wear the same dozen or so outfits in rotation, because I love them.  They make me feel happy and powerful, as good fashion should do.  But I am On A Mission, and that Mission requires trying new outfits.

Thus, I found myself in a decidedly Annie Hall outfit yesterday, to which my DH, upon seeing it, exclaimed,

“God, you look so adorable!”

Hrm.  Annie Hall Conundrum strikes once more.


The Annie Hall Hat.

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