Pearls before (Now Appreciative) Swine

I am not a Pearl Girl, Gentle Reader, nor do I really wear the color green.  More often than not, you will see me in large clunky silver jewelry, or antiqued gold, and wearing hues of black, red, or purple.  I am a Winter, never ever an Autumn, or Summer, or, Pankhurst forbid, a Spring.  But for my Sister-in-Law’s Spring wedding, I was asked to purchase a clover green bridesmaid’s dress.

And Great Hera, is it ever cute.

It’s got a lovely 30s vibe to it, with a v-neck and jersey knit.  The color is surprisingly flattering with my skin tone.  While it is never a thing that I would choose, it is something I am happy to wear.

So today, I went shopping for accessories (as I often will), and came across the cutest pearl necklace with green flower accents.  Adorbs, as my students would say.  Tres adorbs.


Forgive the graininess, dear Friends, as the picture was intended for my SIL and not the blog.  But the necklace!  Tres adorbs, no?


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