Happy Carnival!

It’s Carnival Time, Gentle Reader, and while this NOLA girl is in the Midwest, she still gets her Mardi Gras on.  We have king cake for tonight, and I have beads–donated by my mother and a Dear Friend–to distribute to my students in the Midwest!  After tonight begins Lent, of course, so This Humble Author will be doing the following:

1) Giving up Facebook for Lent
2) Going to the Gym 3x a week
3) Giving up sweets

I always Give Up! two things and Do This! for one thing for Lent.  The Facebook fast is, of course, for freed writing time.  Expect new stories!  More blogs!  Slight twitching from Facebook withdrawal!

In the meantime, enjoy this news story about the heart and soul of Mardi Gras: the people of New Orleans:
The Laissez Boys

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