Authorial Intentions (Part 2)

The worst part of wanting to write, Gentle Reader, is when you literally, quite literally, have no time in which to write.

I am at That Part of my semester: swamped with plans and grading and thinking about classes for next year.  With conferences, student woes, professional obligations, and Guilder to frame for it.  I’m swamped!

But in (part) seriousness, I want to be writing.  I have two academic papers, fun academic papers, mind you, that I should be working on and that I want to be working on, but other life-type things are getting in the way.  Not to mention the sequel to the novel that is getting increasingly fun (what is going to happen next, Dear Friends??  Only the Shadow knows!).

But I have given up Facebook for Lent, so hopefully, that will free up writing time for blogging, for creative work, for academic endeavors.  Also, I am meeting with the physical therapist on Tuesday about my carpal tunnel, so hopefully I will have less painful answers to my pressing concerns.

Until then, a today’s jewelry photo for you, a Steampunk fashion love affair:



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