Collecting Owls and Other Ephemera

Owls and coffee cups and fashion, O My!

Gentle Reader, I have many little quirks, but none so much as my love of things.  This has been made abundantly clear on this blog before–accessories abound in my life!–but I also love storage containers and boxes, and coffee cups, and fleur de lis, and octopi, and owls.

Currently, I have about sixteen bazillion owls on my desk.  Okay, perhaps that is a tiny exaggeration, but I do so love my owl collection.  My mother-in-law delights in finding me new owl things, and my friends have also gotten in on the game.  I have homemade owls, candle owls, owls on tree branches, owl ornaments, glass owls, stuffed owls, owl stickers, owl jewelry (do you remember my owl bracelet, Friends, from a few weeks ago?), and now that DH has purchased me, O, Happy Day!, a Pandora bracelet, I will have an owl charm, as well.

I clearly also love lanyards.

Now, if only I can get my dream of a Steampunk Octo-Owl, life will be AMAZING.

What is your collection obsession, Gentle Readers?  What can you not resist when you walk into a store?  What do you want to get come your favorite wintry holiday?

Owls love to hang out with vamps and slayers.

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