Postscripts: The List of Lists

A list under a list (just off-screen).

I love lists, Gentle Reader.  We’ve already discussed my love of post-its, but making lists on post-its may just be My Favorite Thing Ever ™.  I tend to make lists of things to do over a period of time, in a week, in a day.  The list above is my “Today” goals, including several school items (grading, organizing, etc.).  But also, as I try to get back into the rhythm of daily creative writing after finishing not one but TWO academic articles last month (and she’s exhausted, friends!  plain tuckered out!), I need to put reminders out there.


Write every day.

I set mini-goals, like “get to 20700 before you can take a break,” or, “write two pages today,” or, “finish that scene before you break for lunch.  I am goal-oriented, and I am bribery oriented.  I have set goals for myself that include such bribes as, “When I get to 7000 words, I will eat that piece of chocolate.”

What are your goals like, Friend?


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