Postscripts: War of the Post-Its

The Big Board is growing post-its!

Postscripts: a new blog segment on writing.  Also known as afterthoughts.

I use Post-Its, Gentle Reader, to write down random thoughts about The Sequel.  I have a Big Board on which I place these post-its and take them off when I am ready to incorporate them into the plot.  Sometimes, the post-its don’t make it at all; they are random thoughts that end up not working for the novel.

I used to type into a Word document all of my ideas compiled but surprisingly, that became less manageable than the post-its.  Plus, the post-its have the benefit of being visually appealing and easy to move around.  They are also liminal, transitory objects that can be removed, rewritten, changed, and thrown away without any real regret.

When writing, I need the feeling of accomplishment throwing away or deleting gives me.  My post-it obsession (and it is a bit of an obsession!) offers me this accomplishment.

See? Obsession.

What are your writing obsessions, Friends?


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