Postscripts: Scheduling Mishaps

Gentle Reader, I am the first person to tell myself that writing is Work, and thus must be treated as Work: BICHOK (Butt in chair, hands on keyboard).  Writing needs to be routine, on a schedule, and cannot be only when “inspired” (whatever that means).  However, new additions in my life (well, one, being Moxie Danger Rocket, the new Puppy) as well as impending Finals has pushed ALL of my writing plans back, including writing on this blog (as I’m sure that someone hopefully noticed!).  But finals are almost here, the end of the semester is in sight, and the grading grading grading will diminish a bit (I hope).

That being said, after waking with the pups this morning, feeding them, playing with them, and then having The Worst Morning In The History Of Dog Ownership, I’ve got the house quiet, and about 1000 words written.  Huzzah!  Hooray!  Now only to keep that momentum going.  I plan to have the draft of The Sequel finished by the start of Fall Semester, and as my novels tend to be rather long (book 1 is 163K), that seems an entirely plausible timeline, even with other projects to accomplish (finish draft of academic monograph, academic conference this summer, teaching, research, etc. etc.).

A friend recently said she was doing NaNoWriMo in May because she missed November, and I think I’m with her.  I declare this summer AmNoWriSum (Amy Novel Writing Summer).

So, therefore, tiny goals:

  • Volume I of Book 2 finished by mid-June
  • Volume II of Book 2 finished by mid-July
  • Volume III of Book 2 finished by mid-August
  • Off to agent after editing and revision: mid-September


What are your summer writing goals, Friends?


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