Postscripts: Surprise! twists and turns

It never ceases to amaze, Gentle Reader, when the narrative determines its course rather than the author.

I am not a vain or silly person. I know I have control over the narrative, as it is mine.  I am my characters’ god, so to speak.  But sometimes, all the planning in the world (and I am not much of a MS planner) cannot stop the juggernaut of narration from moving in a way you didn’t want it or didn’t expect it to move.  And that’s where I am now with The Sequel, in a place I hadn’t expected to be this early on.  That is, 40K words in, I’ve revealed something I did not expect to reveal until much much later in the book.

Where does this go now?  I’m not sure.  I am going to mull this over and see what I can do with it from this chapter on.  I think I know what I’m doing, but then, I thought I knew what I was doing earlier this morning, when I was writing. Shows what I know, no?

Any surprises from your MS, Friends?


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