Postscripts: A Day Off from Writing

Gentle Reader, I am taking the Day Off.  From writing, that is.

I just finished Volume I of the sequel (yay!), and I don’t think I am quite ready to start Volume II.  I need to think a bit about where I want to go with it, and as I’m thinking, I can’t jump into the narration.  So, I’ve decided to take this day off from writing and do some plot sketching/thinking out loud.

What’s on your writing agenda for today?


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3 thoughts on “Postscripts: A Day Off from Writing”

  1. Smells like success!
    Today is a transcribing day, for me. I’ve taken to writing by hand, and I’ve accumulated so many scraps and bits that they’ve started to disappear. Time to get them all onto the computer and into a box.

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