Postscripts: Woe Am I

Gentle Reader, I am in A Funk.  A Writing Funk, to be precise.  I have a project I need to work on, and a project I don’t want to work on, and all of that is lending itself to thoughts that I should just start something new.

I know the best answer to The Funk is BICHOK: Butt in chair, hands on keyboard.  I *know* this, and still, I find myself unable to write.  So I thought I would wander back into blogging to see if I could knock loose the cobwebs and let slip the dogs of fiction.

What are your strategies to deal with The Funk, Friends?


6 thoughts on “Postscripts: Woe Am I”

  1. BICHOK. This is the greatest thing I have heard of today. My advice involves wine, television and massive amounts of procrastination, so I would ignore me if I were you 🙂

  2. Oh noes!
    My strategy is doing something necessary and brain-crushing, like laundry, until the creative juices burst forth just to get me to stop doing laundry. It usually works fairly quickly, like within the first load.

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