Postscripts: Fall is Coming

Maybe it’s the break in temperature, Gentle Reader, that shook loose the cobwebs this morning, or maybe it was sitting outside, drinking my coffee, watching my beautiful pups run around the backyard, playing.  Or maybe it was Finally Time.  But I wrote!  An entire page!  And while I am hesitant to get too excited, I realized that starting a brand new project while waiting for news on the other was The Way To Go.  This isn’t a “brand new project,” not exactly.  I have about 80 pages of horrible somewhere for this project.  But instead, I want to scrap it and start fresh, so this is a “fresh new project,” as it were.

I may head to the local Barnes and Noble later to see if a change of scenery will do me good.  Or, conversely, just actually clean my office and get the desk into somewhat a semblance of organization.

Space is so important to writing, is it not?  And I’ve neglected my space for too long.

Thank you, Friends, for listening.


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