Postscripts: Meet My Writing Partners!

Forgive the mess on my floors, Gentle Reader. The girls like to rip things up for a living.

These are my girls, Gentle Reader, Harley Quinn (left) and Moxie Rocket (right).  Currently, Moxie Rocket is on the floor of my office, eating a bacon-filled bone (nom nom, says the dog to such a delectable treat).  I am trying to train her to calm down enough in the morning so I can get back to my morning writing schedule.  “Write every day” is truly a mantra to live by, and as Gentle Readers of this blog know, I have been trying, nay, desperate, to get back to such a lifestyle.  It’s been difficult, truly, and I’m ready for it to come about.

Step one: train Mox to hang out instead of running frantic around the house and getting into puppy shenanigans.  She’s still young, almost eight months old (but so big!), and so tempting bones are required.

Step two: get over myself and realize I don’t need complete solitude to write.  Instead, what I need is to write in the environment I have rather than complain about the environment I want.

Step three: get back to rewriting, because that YA project has sat too long, untouched.

Step four: stop berating myself re: step three.

What is your writing goal for today, Friends?

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2 thoughts on “Postscripts: Meet My Writing Partners!”

  1. Have you tried a kong? Mine is addicted to hers, she doesn’t unfortunately like peanut butter (which keeps most dogs occupied for hours) so I fill it with tinned dog food and have an hour’s absolute peace 🙂

    1. Hello! Yes, we’ve tried the Kong with Mox, and she’s just not thrilled by it. These bones seem to do the trick, fingers crossed! I may try the Kong with wet food, however, because we’ve not tried that route before, only dry food. Thanks for the suggestion!!

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