Postscripts: Surgery

It’s official, Gentle Reader.  I’ve broken myself while writing.

That is to say, I’ve had my first carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand, and I will need to have the left done in a few months here.  It is no fun at ALL.  Slowly but surely easing myself back into typing, trying not to do too much.  But fall is here, thank goodness!  And my mother came to help with the surgery (the dogs?  no help at all), so between husband and mom I’ve been well taken care of.

How are you, friends?


2 thoughts on “Postscripts: Surgery”

  1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I’m recovering from surgery also this week – you aren’t alone. I share your frustration at wanting to jump back into things. All the things. Now. Enjoy the pampering while you can – you don’t have much of a choice on what you can and can’t do anyway. In honor of your profession, I will throw out a literary reference. Play the glad game. 😉

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