NaNoReWriMo Day 5: Asking for Help

Gentle Reader, sometimes it’s hard for me to ask for help.  I think I should do it On My Own because I’m a Big Girl in her Big Girl Pants.  But sometimes, I need to remember that it’s okay–nay, expected–for me to ask for help.

So I have.

I need help trimming March down 50 more pages, so I’ve asked a colleague to read the draft and see what she thinks.  I just don’t have the critical distance right now, and while I can edit and remove a page here and three pages there, I don’t have it in my to go slicing and dicing without some guidance.

But the other part of me, the Big Girl part of me, thinks I shouldn’t have asked for help from the colleague or my agent.  Why?  Who knows.  I just feel as if I am bothering them in some way.  Silly, no?

Tell me, Friends, if you run into these warring parts of yourself.  Any difficulty asking for help with your projects?


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