NaNoReWriMo Day 6: Still at a loss

Still at a loss, Gentle Reader, as to what 50 pages to cut from March.  I’ve read through the MS once, and am making changes as I go individually through it, for which I am halfway through.  This is why I’ve asked for help in seeing The Bigger Picture.  I’m too close, not enough critical distance, to know, roughly, which 2-3 chapters to cut.  The editing from individual chapters, as it’s happening right now, isn’t going to get me 50 pages.

But there are other edits going on as well, kind of funny ones, when you think of it.  The first draft of Becoming was written in 2003, and the first draft of March was written shortly after.  March hasn’t been revised significantly since about 2006, so I’m finding hilarious little things to edit, like pagers, and VCRs, and other things that were common in 2006, but not in 2013.  It’s rather fun to make those edits, at the end of the day.

What fun edits are you making today, Friends?


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