Postscripts: Birthday break

It was my birthday yesterday, Gentle Reader, so I took a break from not writing to not write some more.  That being said, I returned to writing today and made changes to March requested by my fabulous agent.  I feel this book is so close to done I can taste it. I am ready for it to be out of my hands for a while and at the whim of the publishing market.

I don’t know if I really mean that.

The publishing market is a fickle, scary beast, so I’ve heard, and my entire life, I’ve wanted to be an Author.  Not just a Writer–which I am–but an Author–which I am not, yet.  When other little kids are dreaming of being firefighters, or presidents, I was dreaming of being a Novelist, an Author, a Scripter of Books.  It is the one sustained dream of my entire life, and I can’t let it go, no matter how much I try.

But so much of it is not in my control. I know that, I hear that, but I don’t fully comprehend it.

So, in the interest of the New Year, I am going to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Book. That is, worry LESS about the publishing market–that’s what I have an agent for, after all!–and worry MORE about the writing of the books I want to write.

Not a bad New Year’s resolution. What are your resolutions, Friends?


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