Postscripts: I lied to myself…

I lied to myself, Gentle Reader, about the project I wanted to be working on.  I don’t want to work on any projects but the ones that are currently with my agent, and I know better than to pick up those sequels.  Things change in editing processes, and working through them now would be a rather daunting and useless task.  But when I sit to write anything else, I stare blankly at a screen with a few words typed in a scribbly fashion, if one can equate TYPE with SCRIBBLES.  The truth is, I have too many projects and not a single one I want to work on at the moment.  I look at the screen and feel empty.

I know the solution to this: start something new.  But that is always easier said than done.  I just need to begin something divorced from expectation.  Something fun without any consequence.  I just don’t know what that should be.



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