Gentle Reader, I am always a firm believer in “your problems are your problems,” meaning, you get to have your cry.  But then, once you’ve had your cry, it’s time to “pick yourself up by your bootstraps” (one of my dad’s favorite phrases) and get something done.  Yesterday, I had my freezing cry.  I had my woe is me, I can’t write.  Then I went to Barnes and Noble, thinking a change of scenery would do me well.  As I was leaving the house, I saw Yet. Another. Frozen. Pipe.

Dear Lord.  Haven’t I been through enough?

There was nothing to do at that moment, since I had an appointment thirty minutes from then, so I went to B&N to try and write. Nothing.  Nada.  No words came flowing forth.  Again, I don’t know what I want to write.  So I decided carpal tunnel be d—ed, and bought a notebook.

I have not handwritten in years.  Part of it is that I type much faster than I write.  I type at the speed I’m writing in my head, which makes things easier for me to deal with.  But also, I have severe carpal tunnel.  I had it in both wrists, but I got surgery last year for my right wrist.  I’m waiting to get surgery on my left.

Did I mention I’m left-handed?

But bootstraps are waiting, so I’m going to try this route, at least to see if I can get a few words down on paper.  Any exercises to share, Gentle Reader, that helps you get the writer working?


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