photo 1 photo 2We all know that cleaning can be therapeutic, but sometimes, Gentle Reader, it is just required.  It’s been a long time since I’ve organized my home office and given it a once-over.  No wonder I feel so stymied when I sit down to do any work at all!  So here are two pictures of the newly clean desk and file cabinet.  I’m afraid all you can tell about me from these pictures is my love of owls and post-its, but there we are.

Do I feel better?  Yes, I do.  I feel more in control than I did an hour ago.  I still have lots of cleaning to go–not just of the office, but of the less-fun bits like bathrooms and bedrooms–but today is best spent, I think, trying to organize the parts of my life that fall behind: personal life.  I tend to let work life overwhelm personal life–what pre-tenure professor says otherwise, I wonder?–so today is all about the Me that is the Home Me.  The Writing Me.  Personal Me.



2 thoughts on “Cleaning”

  1. Much agreed. I think it’s probably time for me to scrape my desk off, as well.
    (Oddly, your photos appear upside-down when clicked. I choose to take this as a statement on the topsy-turvy nature of a reality under close inspection. 😉 )

    1. How odd that they’re upsidedown! Not intended, I assure you. Let us call it topsy-turvy indeed. Best of luck scraping off your desk. Sometimes, I wonder what I will find: treasure? No, alas, more bills.

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