Office Supplies!

I am a professor, Gentle Reader, which means that school for me goes year round.  There are no summers off, no real holidays to speak of, because I am pre-tenure.  That means I work, constantly.  Add in writing and some semblance–little though it may be–of A Life, and I’m Awfully Busy, all the time.

But today, O, Today!  I went to Office Depot and bought pens! post-its! larger post-its! paper!  Office and school supplies galore!

I never outgrew the love of new school supplies, the plastic-y smell of a pencil case, the sharp tang of markers.  The fresh feel of a post-it peeling off its cube.  The excitement a new pack of post-it-flags can bring.

I think today, I will organize.  The Big Board(1) is woefully empty, and the Bigger Board(2) is full of old, outdated post-its.

What are you doing today, Friends?


(1) The planning board

(2) The Novel planning board


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