Early Morning Coffee

There’s something quite beautiful about early mornings, Gentle Reader, when the Mister is asleep, and the dogs are quiet–a rarity, no doubt!  They are probably Up To Something!

When I have my coffee sitting next to me, and ideas flowing from my head down to my fingertips.  I love early mornings, have since graduate school.  I certainly didn’t love them in college.  I was much more of a night person then.  But something flipped in graduate school and I began to appreciate early mornings.  It is the time I feel most awake, and most creative.

It’s a rainy, gloomy day in the Midwest this morning, and we are supposed to get yet. more. snow. later this afternoon.  I feel it’s a good day to continue my cleaning binge, and maybe try to write beyond blogging.  We’ll see.  I still haven’t felt entirely comfortable dipping my toes back in the albeit icy water but I need to.  The farther I get away from it, the farther I will have to go.



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