Apologies Abound

Deepest apologies, Gentle Reader, for leaving you for so long.  But you see, I’ve been writing.  O, Glorious Day!  Writing!  In my last blog post, I mused on the idea of reinventing the wheel, and how, by not returning to tried and true projects, I was forcing my own writerly demise.  So I picked up the Sequel where it left off, and it has come pouring out of me.  O, I have missed this world, so very much.

Now, back in it, I am aware of every little nuance, trying every little trick.  I see the larger picture in my mind and know what’s missing.  Too much dialogue, so more action is needed.  Too much on screen for one, add more of the other.  How beautiful it is to be writing again!

I will be traveling in a few weeks, Gentle Reader, across The Pond to visit Manchester and Bath for research (of the academic variety).  I will likely use this space to update everyone on my travels.  As I have several long plane and train trips in my future, I imagine I will be writing a lot.

What have you been up to, Darlings?


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