Quarry Bank Mill, Part I

Manchester/Bath UK Journal Day 3

Sale, Manchester, UK

Today, I go to Quarry Bank Mill, and while it is not necessarily the Mill that inspired Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South, historical records show that she knew the Mill Owners, the Gregs, and was familiar with the Mill itself, as her Uncle was the Mill Doctor.  It is one of the only working Mills near Manchester, England, and has been taken over by the National Trust.  I am curious to see how the Mill compares to that of Marlborough Mills in North and South and even thinking through some of the mill references in Mary Barton.  Also, it is the closest experience I can have to what it must have been like in Marlborough Mills, and what John Thornton and Margaret Hale must have experienced (sans employers) when they walked through the doors.  The big question then comes: do I take my laptop with me, or take notes in my notebook?  I am a much faster and better typist than I am writer, and I feel that I can get some real work done at the Mill itself.  But then, I don’t know if I want to schlep my backpack all over England more than I have to.  Decisions, decisions.

In other news, I slept fitfully last night, due to new bed and lack of struggling with one of my dogs for blankets and bed space.  I woke up, had an excellent full English, and now am waiting for the appropriate time to head down to the tram stop to catch my tram and two buses to Quarry Bank Mill.  Intrepid Explorer indeed!


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