Travel Day, Part 2

Manchester/Bath UK Trip Journal Day 5

Cross Country Train, Moving, Somewhere in the UK

I am still on the train.  More people boarded at the last stop and none of them seem aware that we are in the quiet car.  This makes me angry, more than I can say, because I really don’t like it when people don’t follow directions.  Also, everyone is loud!  And they’re all sitting near me!

I’ve written 11K words on this trip thus far, and I’m only halfway through my trip!  Granted a lot of it is regular blogging, details of my travels and so forth, but a lot of it is notes for the articles themselves.  I’ve really delved deep into this topic and tried to discover what it is I’m trying to say.

Right now, I’m listening to Bon Iver on Anthony’s iPod.  This is a great honor, to be given Anthony’s iPod, as I think he loves it more than me.  But he loaned it to me for the trip, and very sweetly I might add.  He’s only  asked after its welfare once.

But the countryside here fluctuates between suburban and gorgeous English countryside, complete with sheep and rolling hills and green fields, and so many other distractions of beautiful scenery that I occasionally find it hard to pay attention to the writing before me.

When I arrive at Bath Spa, the owners of the B&B will actually pick me up from the Station, so that’s nice!  After I get settled and FaceTime with Anthony this evening, I will go out in search of food in Bath, and explore a bit of the city before my big day tomorrow.  Tomorrow, I go to the Fashion Museum for its exhibit, the Jane Austen Centre, the Assembly Rooms, the Pump Room, the Crescent, and this Museum that is a time capsule of Georgian Life.  I’m exhausted just thinking about all of it!  Thursday, then, I make the long trek to Chawton.  Friday, I catch my train to London at OMGo’clock, and then back home to Anthony and the girls.  Then, hopefully, I will get some rest Saturday and Sunday before school starts again on Monday.


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