Dear People of England


Yes, you.

You will probably never read this. Why would you?  It’s a quiet little blog, out of the way and not that noticeable.  But it’s the only public forum I have, and thus, I use it to say, THANK YOU.

No, sincerely.

You have helped me find my way countless times.  You have seen this Wayward American walking the streets, map in hand, or not, and have stopped to ask, “do you need help?”  You have walked me to tram stops and bus stations, or waited in the cab until I reached the front door, just in case “it’s not what you’re looking for, luv.”  You have called me “luv” and “dear,” and done both sincerely.   You have allowed me to walk up to you, even at night, even in the dark, in these uncertain times, and have given me directions.  You have been kind, and generous, and said, “that’s the way we’re going.  Follow us, if you please.”  You have asked me where I’m from, and expressed dismay when I said I live in the Midwest, not because it’s America, but because “all that terrible weather, yeah?”  You have joked with me, suggested better restaurants or places to visit.  You have expressed interest in my work and my life.

You have been kind to this Wayward Traveler.  To this lonely wandering girl.  And for that, I saw, with my deepest sincerity, thank you.  Most kindly.  Most dearly.

Thank you.


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