Home Again, Home Again

I am HOME, Gentle Reader firmly ensconced in my little house with my darling husband and darling dogs.  I slept over 20 hours since I’ve gotten home, and I think I needed it, especially after the near 24-hours of travel on Friday!  But I’m awake now, drinking coffee and listening to the husband still sleep, and the dogs wander about.

I don’t think it’s apparent how lonely one is until one is back among the regular routines of life.  While it was an amazing trip, it was also a lonely trip, with my travels and tables for one and blogging.  Thank you, Gentle Reader, for coming along on the ride.

I couldn’t blog on the plane, sadly, because the man in front of me had his seat all the way back, and I couldn’t open my laptop enough to see (sadface!).  But I think I was out of words at that point.  I wrote almost 30K words on my trip–the beginning of a book, as my friend said!  And you were there for it, and I am appreciative of your attention and friendship.

And as promised, the names and addresses of the Guesthouses:

In Manchester, Cornerstones Guesthouse.

In Bath, Athole Guesthouse.

I highly recommend both as excellent Guesthouses with wonderful staff and amazing breakfasts!

More soon, Gentle Reader, as I put together my life, but for now, I think I just need to stare at Facebook and Buzzfeed for a bit!



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