It’s been hard, Gentle Reader, to readjust to being home, not just because of time change, but also, because of TIME.  That is to say, my time is no longer my own: I need to think of my husband and my pups, my work, my life, and all of those things are very pressing.  Not that I was footloose and fancy-free in the UK, far from it.  But I ate when I wanted to eat, I walked when I wanted to walk, and other than the strict regimented train schedules, I was On My Own.

Now, I get back into the groove of work and school, trying to get back to campus today to get myself organized and ready to face the rest of the semester.  But I’m so tired, still, and as I bemoaned on Facebook this morning, really need a spring break to rest from my “spring break.”  That is to say, mine was a busman’s holiday, and I’m rather tired for all that.

In other news, however, I am slowly but surely catching up on all the television I missed while overseas, and that has been good and plenty.  I am still behind, and we know more TV cometh this week, but I barrel through as best I can.

What’s your week look like, Gentle Reader?


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