New Project

I am deep in the throes of a new project, Gentle Reader, and by “deep in the throes” I mean “16K words in two days.”  I’ve been writing.  A Lot.

It’s nice to be in a new project, especially in that I need a break from the Sequel to Becoming.  I’ve hit a wall there, and while I got a chapter written down earlier this week, I’m at a loss of where to go.  There are new characters who need to be introduced, but I want to move the plot forward.

So, while that marinates on the back burner, I’ve started a New Project, a new YA project, and I’m a bit in love with it right now.  It’s first person, which I rarely write, and I’m finding her voice, which is quirky and fun.  I’m hoping to finish the first draft in the next few months, keeping an eye on the Sequel to Becoming all the while.

What are you working on, Friends?


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