New Day, New Design

I updated both my blog and my website today, and it felt cathartic, like the new beginning it tried to be.  That is, it felt good to do something, anything, other than help my father and wallow in self-misery.  I did other odds and ends, as well, including, hopefully, fixing my father’s computer speaker problems.  I went to Radio Shack for the first time, I think, since the 1980s.  Fingers crossed that these Snap Choke Cores (?) stop the radio interference we’ve been having.

I did not write; I did not read.  But I was productive, redesigning, reorganizing, making several phone calls for my father.  It’s almost as if I gave myself permission to be productive, and enjoy it.  I have always enjoyed being productive and organizing.  Structured procrastination, I believe it’s called.  But also, remember, I am diagnosed OCD.  That means that it’s necessary for me to feel organized and comfortable in order to get something, anything, done.

Thank you, all of you, for your kind words of support and wisdom.  They do not fall on deaf ears.


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