The Writing Altar

I have a writing altar.

That is, I have a set of four bulletin boards, each labeled with a current project or series of mine.  These bulletin boards used to have little quips and quirks and inspirations.  When I came home after a summer away, I stripped it down and decided to start over.


My four major projects currently: The Becoming series, the novel The Nightmare Fighters (part of Becoming), Marvel among the Demons (YA series), and These Houses of Intimate Acquaintances (YA stand-alone).

I need inspiration, Friends.  I need quips and quirks and pictures.  I want these boards covered with more than one lonely page of inspirational visuals.

Can you help me?



2 thoughts on “The Writing Altar”

  1. DeviantArt! I always find all kinds of cool inspiration there, especially for fantasy projects. Every time you talk about Marvel, I always picture some cool desktop background a DeviantArt kid would make for her. c:
    So glad you are getting back into writing, my friend! Love you!!!!!

  2. Hmm, after publishing my first two books recently, my brain has gone to sleep for suggestions. But wishing you love and light 🙂

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