The Writing Altar

I have a writing altar.

That is, I have a set of four bulletin boards, each labeled with a current project or series of mine.  These bulletin boards used to have little quips and quirks and inspirations.  When I came home after a summer away, I stripped it down and decided to start over.


My four major projects currently: The Becoming series, the novel The Nightmare Fighters (part of Becoming), Marvel among the Demons (YA series), and These Houses of Intimate Acquaintances (YA stand-alone).

I need inspiration, Friends.  I need quips and quirks and pictures.  I want these boards covered with more than one lonely page of inspirational visuals.

Can you help me?


2 thoughts on “The Writing Altar”

  1. DeviantArt! I always find all kinds of cool inspiration there, especially for fantasy projects. Every time you talk about Marvel, I always picture some cool desktop background a DeviantArt kid would make for her. c:
    So glad you are getting back into writing, my friend! Love you!!!!!

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