The Writing Altar, Part II

My writing altar is coming along quite nicely.

I woke up today feeling… I don’t know.  Different, perhaps.  It was a gorgeous morning, and I ran errands and worked from home.  But something compelled me to open up my “WRITING” folder on my computer and putter through the files.

I chanced upon MARVEL AMONG THE DEMONS, the YA paranormal fantasy I was writing when my mother passed in May.

I sent it to my Kindle app, so I could reread what I had written so many months ago.  I read and reread before I write and rewrite, you understand.  I live and breathe my words when I’m living and breathing, well, my words.

And then, a very encouraging note from my agent inspired me to put the first three chapters of MARVEL AMONG THE DEMONS on the internet.  And so there they are, for all the world to see.  I’m halfway through the novel, at 150+ pages, and I’ve about 150+ to go.  That’s not a lot for me to write; I write quickly, and in huge chunks, before I revise, revise, revise, revise, revise.  BECOMING, my novel currently with my agent, had been rewritten dozens and dozens of times between 2003 and 2012; MARCH MADNESS, my other novel with my agent, has been the same, in the same time frame.

But the visualization of my works is fairly new for me, and my little bulletin board and bookshelf altar is getting a makeover.  Hopefully, it will continue to inspire me.

Until then, I will read, and revise, until I can’t breathe with it all.

Good writing thoughts, Gentle Reader, to you and yours.


2 thoughts on “The Writing Altar, Part II”

  1. *excited squeal* I ❤ Marvel!
    Keep writing, Amy. You add color to the world with your words. I have faith that the publishing wand will eventually touch you, but remember that until it does, you are STILL a writer. You don't need the validation of the publishing industry to be that. I know you love writing, and I am proud of you for doing what you love, no matter how hard it is sometimes. You inspire me. I know I'm not supposed to say that, because of our many conversations in which I have complained about people calling me "brave" and "inspiring," but screw it. You are brave and inspiring, and I'm super-duper excited to read me some Marvel!

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