New Year, New Possibilities

Gentle Reader, I apologize for neglecting you for so long.  I came down with The Worst Flu Ever before winter break, and then traveled to New Orleans for the holiday season.  Add to that getting ready for the spring semester–and a brand-new class prep at that!–and I’ve been overwhelmed, truly.  But I’m ready now.  It’s the first day of classes, I’m prepped and ready to go, and I have made a few resolutions to boot.

Resolution number 1 is that I am not going to make arbitrary resolutions.  Rather, I am going to make sure each resolution counts.  So I am making them as I come to them, whether they come in January or July, they are New Year’s Resolutions.

Resolution 2 involves clothing.  Yes, I, the clothes horse that I am, the desperate fashionista will start paring down her wardrobe and getting rid of anything she is not wearing.  Third-person narration aside, I have a tendency to wear my favorite outfits, over and over again.  This year, I am determined to figure out what I am and am not wearing, and what hasn’t been worn by summer will be donated to charity.

Then, I will repeat with my summer wardrobe.

Yes, that means two facts are true: 1) I have so many clothes, I have a winter and summer wardrobe, and 2) my house was built in 1928, and as such, has closets from 1928.  Tiny tiny!

What are your resolutions, friends?


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