Healthy Attitudes

I have had an unhealthy relationship with my body for years, and I’m tired of it.  I’m tired of being concerned with weight, not because I want to be healthier, but because I want to be prettier.  I have fallen, hook, line, and sinker, for social standards of beauty, and I’ve fallen for them my entire life.

No more.

I want a healthy relationship with my meals.  I want to stop saying “I was good,” or, “I was bad” in terms of eating.  I want to enjoy my meals and make them healthy and pretty and fun.  I want to see food as something beautiful instead of something nefarious and secretive.

Further, I want to see my body as the beautiful machine it is.  It walks, it dances, it smiles, it sings.  It writes.  It says these things in order to make the day better.

2015 is the year I become mentally and physically healthy, because I deserve it.


One thought on “Healthy Attitudes”

  1. YES! One of the reasons I’ve chosen to spend less time on FB in 2015 (and probably ongoing) is seeing post after post from people who have been sucked into fad diets that are misguided at best and dangerous at worst. I see a lot of misinformation being thrown about, with people refusing to eat perfectly good and safe foods because they are convinced that they are “bad” or “dangerous”. It’s scary and maddening, and it’s why I refuse to label food as “good” or “bad” and I refuse to describe the way I eat as “clean”.

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