Who Inspires You? asks the radio.

Who does inspire me?  I’m often inspired by writers, whether alive or long since dead, but there are men and women in my life who inspire me, as well.  But rather than list names and inevitably leave someone out, I’d rather think about what inspires me rather than whom.

I am inspired by noise.  The ability to rock the world with your laughter and your loudness.  Your words and your hands.  The way you speak, the way you cry.  The way you laugh and love.  Noise, my friends, in this sometimes too-quiet world, is beautiful.

I am inspired by righteousness, because oftentimes, I don’t engage with it.  I am not actively involved with change in this world, and sometimes, it shames me.  So to see those so engaged makes me so inspired.

I am inspired by love, for self and for others.  So often I am selfish, caught in my own drama (my facebook feed often reflects this) that I forget about others in this world.  Seeing you love yourself and others makes me want to do the same.

I am inspired by sparkly pretties, because the world can be cold and grey.  To see someone paint the world beautiful, through self-display or art or words or music is to see the world beautiful.  And it needs to be.


What inspires you, Gentle Reader?


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