starting over

I think I have had a breakthrough with the novel, but that requires starting Marvel among the Demons over again, from scratch.

This is not as scary as it sounds.  I will be revising, not completing rewriting, but I can’t gain forward momentum on this storyline without going backwards and fixing some of the problems.

Given my writing process, I don’t work from outlines, so when I stumble–and indeed, I do stumble–into plotlines, I need to let them play out on paper.  The one I’ve just stumbled into requires revision.  And revision.  Before the taking of toast and tea (thank you, T.S. Eliot, but I have macarons and tea today).

I’m excited about this prospect because I think it will help fill some holes that have been getting bigger and bigger in the plot that, like potholes, threaten to destroy the momentum forward.

Crazy?  Perhaps.  But I still have a date of May 31 as a deadline.  I think by doing this, I can really push forward.



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