from scratch

I recently read through the origin of many phrases, trying to find the roots of “Ready, Freddy!”  In my quest, I also read the origin of “from scratch” which, according to the article, does not come from baking but from a scratched line in the dirt, meaning the beginning.

I have started from proverbial scratch with Marvel among the Demons, and it’s going lovely.

I am working with what I have, but starting fresh with it, in a new document file, chapter by chapter.  Revelations are appearing to me throughout the revision process, and I’ve worked not-so-diligently-but-still on the revisions.  Also, I’ve been thinking through the revisions, considering the changes I want to make and that I want to be apparent.  That is going best of all.

I’m back in love with my project.  And that is the best place to be.  ❤


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