O, Spring! Glorious Spring!

It’s here, Gentle Reader!  Spring is here!  I could romp outside all day, if I were at all an outside-type person.  Instead, I will wear short sleeves and smile out my window at the beautiful days ahead of me.  Tulips and daffodils in bloom!  Blue skies!  White fluffy clouds!  Oh, glorious gorgeousness!

With Spring must come a Spring Cleaning, of the physical world and of my emotional one.  My house, and my heart.  Plenty of cleaning to do at home–driftpiles of books and dog hair, clean clothes stacked in corners and creeping on hangers–and plenty of cleaning to do at heart–deciding to not give up, to not surrender to the darker voices inside my mind.

Those dark voices are tricky, tricky, tricky little beasts.  They tell me to give up on writing, that I am this, or that negative thing (fat, ugly, untalented, stupid, etc. etc. etc.).  To deal with these voices hurts at a deep emotional level.  They need to be banished into the ether.

What is your Spring Cleaning agenda, Friends?


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