On Writing

I am a creature of ritual and habit.

I need structure in order to write.  I need a plan.  I need two spaces after a period, because that’s the way I was taught to type.

Today begins my schedule once more.  I’m back home; I’m in my own space with my own things; I am ready to get to work.  I am a workaholic, and habits and rituals of work are important to me.  It’s hard to create ritual in someone else’s space, despite the fact that my dad’s house used to be mine, as well.  I was in his space, invading, and never truly finding a comfortable zone.  Here, at home, I have an entire room dedicated just to me: my own office, full of my own bits and bobs.  This, you understand, is important to writing.

In front of me is my whiteboard with my post-it list pads.  I have them broken down to DAILY, WEEKLY, PERSONAL, and SEMESTER.  On this whiteboard are prayer cards (never can escape Catholicism), especially to the Saint of Writers, Saint Paul, a Votes for Women card, an “Engineered by Firefly” sticker backing, and my favorite quote, “DON’T LET THE BASTARDS GRIND YOU DOWN.”  In front of that are my post-it flags, my Doctor Who sticky notes, and two file boxes for To Do and our impending trip to Alaska (May 2016!).

To my left is my school supplies kit, complete with hundreds, nay, thousands of post-its (I use them for everything), a file box, my letter station, and a box for current drafts I’m working on (currently: MARVEL).  Under my desk to the left are two cabinets full to the brim with school supplies (I have a problem, truly).

On the walls are two posters from the Globe theater in London: Hamlet and All’s Well that Ends Well, which I saw when I went to London last, an Elizabeth Gaskell poster from the Rylands library, a poster from the British Library’s exhibit on science fiction, and the DC Bombshells calendar.

This little nook, this safe space, is where I write.

Behind me are my corkboards for my four current projects: BECOMING (with my agent), MARVEL (currently writing), THE NIGHTMARE FIGHTERS (sequel to BECOMING, halfway finished), and THESE HOUSES OF INTIMATE ACQUAINTANCES (finished, needs revision).  On these corkboards are bits and bobs of things that inspire me: an owl card, the declaration LIPSTICK QUEEN, pictures of WWII London, a fleur de lis.

This is my inspiration.  This is where I go when the words will not come.

What is your space like, Gentle Reader?


5 thoughts on “On Writing”

  1. I wish my writing space was an office but for now it’s my room.
    In the brief time that I have been living and writing in this room I have taken it from a boring white room with terrible carpeting to what I like to call home.
    It has yellow walls with neat large tiles. My desk is on one side of the room and my bed on the other.
    I have a Styrofoam board filled with pictures and quotes.
    Naturally it’s a mess but it’s my mess. I sit on my bed when writing so to me it’s the most comfortable place in the world.
    Sorry for rambling. I really like the sound of your whiteboard.

  2. Hi,
    It was nice to read about your writing space. Since you have asked your readers to share about their writing spaces, so I will try to describe my writing space in the following paragraph.
    I shifted to my parents house two months ago. This shift was difficult to say the least, however, my parents were supportive and they gave me a room to use as my study cum library. In this room, my table is kept at one corner. I use the wall next to it to paste my brainstormed ideas and weekly and daily plans. My book shelves are placed neatly along with some inspiring quotations on the wall opposite to this wall. The only compromise I have to make is to let they television stay on the wall in front of my table. This is the space where I spend most of my time. I have very few pictures and no posters, I think I will add those sometime soon.

    1. How wonderful that you have a library! Adding pictures and posters will really help to develop the space as yours. I didn’t decorate my office for some time, and once I did, it felt *right*. Thanks for sharing!

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