Shopping the Plus-Sized Circuit

Today, Gentle Reader, I went shopping (again).

This time, to Dress Barn, which is an unfortunately named store with some beautiful things.  They have a “Misses” and a “Plus” section, as well as “Petites.”

I stayed to the Plus side, of course, and found some gorgeous outfits, including clearance items and a skirt/sweater combo for when the world stops feeling on fire and we can wear skirt/sweater combos once more.

What I like most about Dress Barn, as opposed to other stores with “Plus” and “Misses” sections is that Dress Barn has clothes that flatter the Plus-sized frame.  Further, many of their “Misses” dresses are also available as plus-sized, and not just blown up, fabric-wise.  Dress Barn’s designers take the time to consider the needs of the plus-sized woman (most often, larger in bust and bottom, tucked in at waist, at least for me) rather than “slap more fabric on it and it will fit just fine.”

I happily spent my time trying on outfits, getting help from the clerks (I judge a store by its service, more often than not, having worked retail for a while myself), and buying several cute pieces and parts.

Not once did I feel like I was “ghetto-ized” in the Plus section, which isn’t often a thing one finds.  The fat-shaming even extends to plus-sized clothing stores, unfortunately.

But today?

Today was a good shopping day.


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