I Wore a Swimsuit in Public as a Size 18, and…

No one pointed.

No one laughed.

No children ran after me screaming, “fatty fatty, two by four.”

No women chuckled to themselves under their breath.

No man fainted at the sight of me.

No one took a picture of me to mock me on the internet at large (that I know of)

You realize these were my fears, right?  I hadn’t worn a swimsuit in public in years, and thought if I did, people would point and laugh, or mock me, in person or on the internet.


But, my self-consciousness was at an all-time high.  I thought at any moment, one of the above things would happen.

How did I let myself get to this point where I hate my body so much?  And for so long that I skipped fun activities like swimming??

Baby steps, of which this was just one.

Baby steps.


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