Boot Cut Is Back!!

As I wrote on Facebook, Gentle Reader, “Bless the baby Jesus, Boot Cut is back!”

I cannot BEGIN to tell you how tired I am of skinny jeans.  Despite having a few cute pairs, I find that skinny jeans are hard for a girl of my frame.  Not my size, per se, but my frame.  I’m hourglass, and I find they look better on longer bodies than mine (I’m only 5’6).  But bootcut?  I look ADORABLE in bootcut.  To celebrate, I bought a pair of black bootcut pants today, and it is GLORIOUS to see myself in them again!  I missed them so.

Not that I didn’t have older pairs, but I tend to cycle through my clothes pretty often.  I own, ahem, a LOT of clothing.  Like, a desperate amount of clothing.  I’ve discussed my clothing problem on this blog before, but I don’t think you understand: I have a PROBLEM with shopping 🙂  So I tend to cycle through things I don’t wear anymore and develop out the things I do wear into new, fun outfits.

What fashion style do you wish would come back, friends?


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