Writing Altar: An Update


My writing altar has changed over the year and developed some new agendas.  The four book projects are up there: BECOMING (finished; being shopped), its sequel, THE NIGHTMARE FIGHTERS (1/3 done), my current YA project, MARVEL AMONG THE DEMONS (in rewrite 1 stage), and the other YA project (finished; needs rewriting) THESE HOUSE OF INTIMATE ACQUAINTANCES.

I’ve also got my collection of lanyards (love them!), some fun things from England a friend recently sent to me, my “Chalk It Up to my Ph.D. in Fashion!” Barbie, my President Barbie, and Tim Gunn Project Runway clothes for Barbie.  I’ve also got a teacup sent to my from another friend some years back, as well as cards, pins, buttons, and various inspirational bits and bobs on the wall.

Why an altar?  Not sure.  It felt right.  It felt like something to do.  Plans for it?  Eventually, I need candles of Saints (Catholic ones, not the football team) to go with the Saints’ cards on my Big Board at my desk.


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