Canceling Ipsy

I’m sorry to cancel my Ipsy subscription, as I’ve loved getting my little bags of makeup each month, but we are looking to the future of buying a new car (as mine is 13 years old), and we’re cutting costs where we can.  Good-bye, little bag of fun!  I shall miss you!

But that brings me to the joy that is my makeup stash.  I LOVE makeup.  I LOVE it.  I have too much of it, in fact (if such a thing can be said!), and as the New Year comes upon us, I will be experimenting more and more with my makeup palettes.  I have some that I haven’t even opened!

What are you wearing these days, Gentle Reader?


8 thoughts on “Canceling Ipsy”

  1. And always be on the lookout for sales at ULTA–Ulta has great products, and they carry NYX, which is, in general, awesome. I’ve also found Maybelline to be unexpectedly wonderful.

  2. I cancelled Ipsy and haven’t looked back. 5 months and getting the same shade of eyeshadow from 3 different brands, in a shade I never wear because it’s bronze and I’m pale with brown hair. It just doesn’t work. Though longingly looking at my Ulta catalogue isn’t really the same.

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