Day 2, WP2: Keep Calm and…

Carry on, Gentle Reader.  Carry on.

I have these post-its that say “Keep Calm and” sent to me by a dear friend who knows 1) my obsession with post-its, and 2) my obsession with All Things British.  To find these two things married together?  O, what joy!  La, what happiness!

But the darker side of the “Keep Calm” meme, the “Carry on” as if your world isn’t crumbling around you (Nazis, of course, and the Blitz), reminds me so much of what I love about the UK.  Why I am such an Anglophile.  Why I am trying to adopt for my 2016 motto: “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

“Keep Calm.” Something I’m afraid I rarely do.  I am at my core an anxious and distressed person.  I overanalyze everything, overthink the world, and keeping calm is hard for me to do.

“Carry On.”  Keep up with the everydayness of the world even when it’s falling apart.  Even when you find yourself keeping anything but calm.

It’s a tired meme now, I’m sure, but I feel a resurgence of it in my life on this, January 2nd, 2016.

What’s your motto for the New Year, Friend?


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