Day 3, WP3: Living without Children

My spouse and I have made a conscious decision to live life without children, and while I am happy with this choice, sometimes, I do wonder what life would be like with children.  I think this is a natural thing, to wonder, and I don’t hesitate or berate myself for the wondering.  I just think through it, and know in my heart the decision we’ve made is best for us.

We are lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful friends and their wonderful children.  We are also lucky to have godchildren (I have three, the spouse has two of the same).  I think I’m a better aunt/auntie than I would be a mom, for many reasons I don’t want to get into on this blog, but all in all, it’s a difficult decision to make.

You see, as soon as you get married, especially if you’re heterosexual, the questions start coming: when are you going to have children?  And if you decide not to have children, especially if you’re heterosexual, you are judged by a particular type of person who likes to judge people for their carefully thought-out lives.

Children just don’t work into our lives, especially right now.  If we change our minds, we will adopt.  If we adopt, we will be happy with that choice (I, myself, am an adopted child).  But also, we’re happy living without children, too.



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