Day 4, WP4: Octopi and Owls

I have collections, Gentle Reader, of many things.  Octopi and Owls and Post-its cover the three major bases, but let’s not forget action figures, pens, Wonder Woman anything, and cards.  In fact, I collect so many things, I sometimes feel overwhelmed with them.

Until, of course, someone gives me something I collect.  Then, I’m in love all over again.

What is it about thoughtful gifts not attached to holidays that make us so delighted?  Is it that someone is thinking about us, considering us in their minds while we’re not there?  Friends have gifted me with many fabulous things over the years, and I display them proudly in my offices (home and school), or in other places within my home.

What do you collect, Friends?


2 thoughts on “Day 4, WP4: Octopi and Owls”

  1. Funko Pops, owls (when my mother found out everything that has an owl on it she buys!), books, christmas ornaments, star wars, black widow, animation cels used to be a big thing, and wow I shop for clothes probably way too much! I love random acts of kindness. I buy stuff for people for no reason other than I’ll know they’ll like it 🙂

    1. I love your random acts. I just got a journal from a friend today, totally out of the blue, and I’m in love with it. Nothing brightens your day more than mail, and a gift in the mail!

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