Day 7, WP7: Beauty Regime

I have a haphazard beauty regime, Gentle Reader.  I get a facial once a month, I wash my face twice a day, and I wear makeup almost every day.  But what I lack in originality I make up for in fun, because my makeup varies day to day, depending on 1) what I’m wearing, and 2) what I’m feeling.

I’m a bit of a makeup junkie.  I prefer Urban Decay.  It’s my favorite line, and most of what I own is UD.  But I also like Too Faced, and Smashbox.  The one thing I don’t like is nail polish.  I stopped painting my fingernails and toenails last year, and never looked back.  No matter what the product claimed, I would chip, and chip, and chip, until it looked awful.

What’s your regime, friends?


2 thoughts on “Day 7, WP7: Beauty Regime”

  1. Not enough! I rarely wear makeup because it is a pain to get off. However, I have started to really get into lip stick. I never done a facial but I do wash my face. I need an overhaul for sure.

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